Saturday, March 31, 2007

Free Stuff: Ray Box Plus

We just got back from my wife's 30th Birthday Bash in SoCal, and as part of the week long festivities, we went to The Price is Right. You can't really go without having your own special shirts, right? With help from Erin we came up with the above example, and I've stripped out the text and posted two variations of the Ray Box for you to use on whatever project you wish. And for as long as they'll let us have it up, I've got The Price is Right logo for those who are trying to make their own shirt for the last Bob Barker season.

Finally, for those wondering, there is a free variation of The Price is Right font called Pricedown, which you can find here

Share and enjoy!

Ray Box Plus 1

Ray Box Plus 2

The Price is Right Logo

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Jessie said...

The fabulous 60 minutes Price Is Right!! Awesome shirt...