Friday, November 17, 2006

Free Stuff: Curls n Curves Brush Set

What's really sad about this set is the fact that I had to create it twice. Yes, twice. I accidentally selected only one of the brushes and saved the set. And then wanting to check my work, I cleared the brushes, loaded the set...oops...

Second time around I forced myself to create the .pngs as each brush was created. That way, just in case, I always had them saved in another format. A couple of these are in use on Jessie's blog (Curls 1 & 2, I believe).

So here is "Curls n Curves". 3 Curls, 3 Curves, and 4 Paisley in one shiny CS2 brush set, or a block of .pngs:

Curls n Curves CS2 Brush Set (.abr)

Curls n Curves Brush Set (.png)

Share and enjoy!

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Bethany said...

Well, I tried to leave a comment already, but I don't think it took. But if you get a duplicate you know why. Anyway...

I finally got around to checking out your blog. How fun! I've been dowloading the brushes and appreciate the links to some good tutorials. I'm pretty new to photoshop, hopefully this will inspire me to get some work done... after the holidays.

Excited to see you two sometime around the holidays!