Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Free Stuff: Lomography Photoshop Action

What is Lomography, you ask? According to the Lomographic Society International, in 1982:
General Igor Petrowitsch Kornitzky, right-hand man to the USSR Minister of Defense and Industry, slammed a little Japanese mini-camera onto the ornate desk of his comrade Michail Panfilowitsch Panfiloff. Mr Panfiloff, Director of the powerful LOMO Russian Arms and Optical factory, examined the camera closely, noting its sharp glass lens, extremely high light sensitivity and robust casing. The two gentlemen, realizing the superior nature and extreme potential of this strange little item, gave immediate orders to copy and improve the design - with the ultimate goal of producing the largest quantity possible for the pleasure and glory of the Soviet population. It was decided - every respectable Communist should have a LOMO KOMPAKT AUTOMAT of their own.

The LOMO LC-A was born, and millions of cameras were promptly produced and sold. The Soviets and their Socialist playmates in Vietnam, Cuba and East Germany snapped happily away throughout the nineteen eighties, fully documenting the last gasps of Communism, and the occasional beach vacation on the Black Sea.

The images taken with these little wonders are colorful, unique, and often times, quite amazing.

You can still pick up these cameras today, although you can reproduce this effect using Photoshop. So I've created a Lomography action so you can play with your own photos.

Lomography Photoshop CS2 Action

Here is a before & after shot example:


Bethany said...

How fun! I'm going to give it a try :)

Peter Lustique said...

Thanks for this great action. I'm having a lot of fun fooling around with it. Here are some results: