Saturday, November 04, 2006

Glass Buttons - Circular Thinking

As mentioned in our teaser post, here is the glass button template (.psd) and some example .png files. If you use the Photoshop file, you can change the button background color by modifying the "base circle" layer. You can then turn on visibility, and even change the color of any of the various shapes. Want to add your own shape? Simply create a new layer, make sure it's below the "highlight" layer, and wah-la! Then all you need to do is export as your favorite file type (or add a background and crop before exporting as we've done with the lightbulb example here).

Circular Glass Button Template (.psd)
Circular Glass Pack (.zip)

1 comment:

Jessie said...

Very impressive, Dickie! Thank you for all of helpful hints. You're so clever...