Thursday, November 16, 2006

Jessie's New Banner

Every few weeks, I try to change my wife's blog header (sidebar link -> Jessie's Blog). It's a practice that forces me to try out new techniques while attempting to stay within the realms of what she might consider "cute". This new header used a few new things I've learned, one of which I've posted here. In the upper left corner is one of the glass buttons that I posted. The brown stamps are part of a new brush set I'm working on, and the layered torn paper look (I used this tutorial) is something I decided to try for the first time. Much to my dismay, I couldn't get the header background to match the main blog. Even the test files came out slightly more gray. Photoshop said the colors were the same, but when posted, it didn't match up. After boosting the brightness a bit, I finally came up with something that I was willing to deal with (although, if you look closely, you can still see where the header stops and the main wrapped file begins).

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