Sunday, November 19, 2006

Oh Snap!

I came across Snap Preview Anywhere while browsing Techcrunch, and have found it to be quite amusing. If you hover over some of the outside links here, you'll now notice a little preview window that will show you the site before you visit it. Nothing terribly important or useful, per se, but just a fun way to embellish one's site.

Some useful tips (from their page): Once you've generated the code, if you don't want it to preview every link on your site, change the query parameter from 'ap=1' to 'ap=0' (it will make more sense when you generate the code, trust me), then add a class (class="snap_preview") to your link. Secondly, you can remove the search bar from the pop-up by checking the box at the end of the process before you copy and paste it into your blog template or site. Their FAQ page has more details.

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